Assumption of Risk and Release Statement

​WalkPittsburgh makes no representation or warranty about the safety conditions of the route(s) that you may choose to walk. Walking like any physical activity, may result in injury from hazardous terrain, crime, accident or your current health status. You assume and accept any and all risks from injury, whether from medical problems, unsafe terrain, defective walkways, ice, or similar hazards, the acts or omissions of third parties (whether intentional or accidental), animals, or other seen or unseen causes. In addition, you release WalkPittsburgh, their affiliates, sponsors and their respective directors, officers, and employees, from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, and liability whatsoever associated with, or related to, your choosing to participate in WalkPittsburgh. We strongly advise that you follow all pedestrian traffic laws while you are out walking.