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10/04/2012 - PA – October 4, 2012

Pittsburgh, PA – October 4, 2012:

Pittsburgh has been honored as a “most livable city” on multiple occasions and if a consortium of area nonprofits gets its way, it will next be known as the “most walkable.”

“Today we are launching Walk Pittsburgh ( with the goal of promoting the health benefits to both the individual and to the environment related to walking,” said Mavis Rainey, spokesperson for the new initiative.

Walk Pittsburgh is modeled after programs in other major cities but Rainey said it will have a great deal of regional flavor. The Walk Pittsburgh footprint includes the city and all of Allegheny County.

“With the dramatic improvements on the paths along the river banks and the great conversions of ‘rails to trails’ we have an outstanding opportunity to accent to the people living in the county the great opportunities that await them when they put on their walking shoes.”

Walk Pittsburgh will help organize walking routes and events, demonstrate and promote walking as a commuting option and provide timely news on destination changes due to construction and weather. Subscription to Walk Pittsburgh is free and a free pedometer is available as an online application so walkers can track their progress.

The general Allegheny County “footprint” has been talk of the world for their ability to reinvent themselves. From the start of its history as “Gateway to the West”, to becoming one of the world’s leading industrial centers and the “Arsenal of Democracy, to its current place as of the world’s leading centers of research, medicine and technology, Pittsburgh and its neighborhoods and connected boroughs have countless attributes. And “walkability” is certainly one of them.

Walking the Pittsburgh area is fun and full of history. Walking where the glaciers stopped. Along ancient Indian paths where the Iroqouis and Shawnee walked. Where the Andy’s walked….Carnegie, Mellon and Warhol. Along the shores where a Wagner stalked the diamond for the Pirates where another had his compositions covered by a world class symphony.

There are many good practical benefits to go “feet first” and to walk the Pittsburgh area and exists to promote and support them. Walking is a healthy, efficient and “green” commuter option. Greater participation in walking will also create greater safety awareness and co-existence with other forms of transportation, including biking. And factoring the walking factor into future development plans assures a future for generations to come. A healthy and continuous dialogue guarantees we can both “talk the talk and walk the walk!.”

Here are a few things Pittsburghers are saying about walking:

“Why lay when you can sit. Why sit when you can stand. Why stand when you can walk!”

“Enjoyed walking that I was doing and hardly ever missed a day. Enjoyed it very much!”

“Great way to get started in a healthy walking program.  I walk twice a day now and have more energy and get a better nights sleep!”

“Walk while you talk!”

Please contact us to make Pittsburgh one of America’s most walkable cities!



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