​Making Strides Contest

Walk to win!

Whether it’s parking an extra block away from the office or going for a loop around the block after taking out the garbage, making strides adds up! That’s why we’re proud to announce the Walk Pittsburgh Making Strides Contest!


Riverlife’s Lunchtime Loop kicks off Wednesday, April 22

​Riverlife's Lunchtime Loop kicks off Wednesday, April 22 as part of the EverPower Earth Day Festival!


WalkPittsburgh on KDKA-Pittsburgh Live Today

​WalkPittsburgh interview with KDKA-Pittsburgh Live Today


WalkPittsburgh on KQV Radio

WalkPittsburgh interviews with KQV Radio to increase awareness about using walking as a commuting alternative. (interview starts at time section 15:50)


​Walk Pittburgh Partners With UPMC

​Walk Pittburgh Partners with UPMC


PA – October 4, 2012 provides resources and support to encourage walking as a viable commuting option, improve pedestrian safety, communicate the health and economic benefits of walking, and ensure that walkability is factored into transportation and development plans.